Friday, December 10, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow [Official Music Video]

So it has been a minute but you know, getting the paperwork right. Anyhow, my friend Ms Waxman was wearing a Steelers jersey today and i thought..way to bring back 1993. Then she started singing this chorus and i was like oh shit. Whoaaaa, the song is huge. But the public knew it already. AOL radio has the song above part of their TOP 40. I mean i am from the state of Pennslyvania...I am from Phila really..and there is a difference. Ask me about it later. However, the simple rhymes with a fresh dope as techno wavy beat works. It has worked for Wiz int he past but only Pittsburgh listened. Now, the public wants more.

PS I rode in a Black challenger a few weeks and bumped this song about twenty times as i cruised on the NJ turnpike. What!! I do it big.

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