Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrap Party December 16th Stamford CT

ok. wow. After all the running around, the last minute details getting turned inside and out, the party starting earlier than stated(very usual in the music and film business), the party was a success. The drinking and food were served immediately, the sound system was incredible and the people that assisted in the setup were fantastic. I guess you get what you pay for. That's the truth. Highlights of the evening: Craig Robinson drinking a beer and being the first person on the dance floor, DJ Brik Mason, Craig Robinson on the keys playing a Christmas song with an opera singer who blew me and everyone else out the water. More highlights included Craig Robinson leading a soul train line, the electric slide to a Michael Jackson song..any song will do...and Craig Robinson giving me a pound and saying you know what the fuck your doing so i have no suggestions just keep rocking it. Paraphrased but still true. By the way, the company gave me hotel room for the night, and paid for my travel. Oh, thats how it supposed to go, wow, i love this job. Pictures after the jump.

PS The same Craig Robinson from the office and hot tub time machine. Hell yeah.

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