Thursday, January 27, 2011

Somehow I have another friend who has begun the journey towards greatness and using p90x. Amazing. I think it is great. I got in better shape and it was one of the only programs that catered to my schedule. Busy as I am, it works. My laziness has kicked in the last month but that is due to my own mental stimulation. Speaking of mental, I do feel that the mental is the reason that p90x worked for me. My friend who is a comic genius, is in his first week and he is tired but trying. He is just did the yoga segment and he is sore. His words. Then I think about pushing myself to develop consistency in my musical ventures and realize it is possible. Just push,post and bring it. P90X words.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

apples to oranges

How to rebel...

Dress like a punk, start a band, read everything, yell, scream, protest, question authority, learn the game, play the game if you choose to, if not, play hard till the end and have fun doing it.

How to listen to music...

see above.

Monday, January 24, 2011 Chris_Brown_ft._Twista_Lil_Wayne_-_Look_At_Me_Now_REMIX_-_MP3WAXX.mp3 Chris_Brown_ft._Twista_Lil_Wayne_-_Look_At_Me_Now_REMIX_-_MP3WAXX.mp3

Crazy as it seems, rapper got brains too. Well we knew that but i think the massification of the rap industry-hiphop or whatever you like to call it-has cluttered the brains of those who listen to both underground,foreground and overground acts. Now here comes a song that i appreciate. Something new but the same braggadocio that i want to hear. Chorus is simple. It is Chris Brown. But the beat is turned out space alien can't come back to earth type loveliness. of the best in all realms...check the albums,check the Guinness Book, check the lyrics, check the flow and check the status, and check the spitting ability on this track. Twista just destroys the track like Gallagher does to watermelons. I mean Twista switches mid flow into hyper speed which is lovely. I try to catch everything he says. I had to rewind it like a madman.

PS Skins TV show on MTV sucks. I saw KIDS. It was much better.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today I went to my first yoga class. My girl suggested and I listened for once. Amazing. It was an alignment class , thus they helped with my poses in yoga and the technical partsd of my movements. Segway to music. I felt a constant flow of love and pain in yoga which I feel in music. Music that gives me that love and pain the most is soul. Is all music soul? Maybe?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to the tic toc you dont stop

I am blasting Girl Talk's new Album after a good chinese meal or not so good. I will be able to tell you in a half hour. I have experienced the GirlTalk experience in person and it is amazing...what he gets away with and what people just love to love. He has reinvented the mash up, the remix and the party. He makes you jump and when you are against the wall because you are not a dancer, drinking, smoking or any other excuse that you think you can come up with, you have to tap your feet and move your body. Because it is and it is because. Don't Think, just do. Take your shoes off and run around like you have never danced before. BTW, this is only based off the first two songs of the album. It is hard writing this right now. I am nodding my head to every beat and happy to say that technology is winning. I love the mash ups and he is putting Pittsburgh on the map..well maybe not but he does have a street named after him and that is pretty gangsta. Oh shit, Wale is on. Tell them bamas to back up. Thats Whats UP

Monday, January 17, 2011

old news is good news

MOS DEF has and did sign with G.O.O.D music and i feel like he is on the brink. We all have waited patiently for a resurgence of Mos Def which we received some what from his last album. But we may feel the wrath this year with some blessed and much needed focus. BTW, Mos Def is one hell of an actor. Keep the faith.
Feeling like I am great person today but more important a lovely and lucky person. Today I will watch a plethora of lil b videos and understand the grind more than ever. How can be a genius? How can a genius be me? Let's find out.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

LIL i fan or not?

I really cannot answer that question. I see the buzz. I have seen magazines finally catching on after a few years of writing him off. I have seen his swag. Its real folks. I listened to the mixtapes. Well, not all of them but most. Based God as he refers to himself is out hustling even the best rappers and the rappers that think they are good and the rappers that have lyrics and the stylistic rappers and even the top selling rappers and the rappers who are co signed by the top selling rappers. BTW slaughterhouse and yelawolf signed to Shady Records. LIL B is smoking right now. F a fire, that dude is doing events, emceeing parties, making songs, posting on the internet, traveling to the east coast, making beats, wearing the same gear....well maybe not but coming close to it, and making complaining emcees look bad. You can make fun of him. You can say that his lyrics suck and/or his songs do not go anywhere. You can post on blogs all day which i realize i am doing right now. LIL B does not give a flying rats ass. Can rats fly? if so, i need to find one and get rich. LIL B is based god to the max and he has a following. Final Thought:Imagine doing all the things in your head and recording it. Then be rewarded for it. Hmmm ..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I hate?

I hate when rappers criticize other rappers for doing the same thing that got them rich in the first place. that is not gangsta.

Baby Daddy

After reading that Kate Hudson might be pregnant. BTW, Kate Hudson is lovely. DJed a wrap party for a movie she was starring and she comes across as well as she does on film which is amazing. I digress. I thought about the baby daddy. She is or was dating the lead singer from the ultra anthem experimental but all together influential band MUSE. Maybe i went too far with it but who cares. I want to stomp the floor everytime i hear their music and i feel like i am floating in space on a mission to stop the intergalactic war from the evil jabba. Anyhow, my mind racing around like space ghost on a case and i am just amped about MUSE. I booted up my itunes and tossed up MUSE for a listen. Still dope as all hell.Def defying awesomeness. Right now i tuned into The Resistance and i feel like they should battle Prince and The Revolution in a game of basketball or Cricket. Pancake Bitches.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watching miami vice..the newest version right now. I am fan of the movie. Michael mann and tubbs and crokect and miami all in one. The cat is laying on my pants and cleaning itself. Meeting my cousin for lunch. Awesome day. Feels like a great day. The soundtrack to this movie is haunting but great. The nipple sounds, the low mix of voices and speeches in the movie make the gun blasting noises even louder. Maybe I am sucker for action movies. Maybe I want to be tubbs, charles bronson or jason statham. Whoever did the mixing on this movie was great. It shows the michael mann knows how to make a movie despite what manymay say.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

top five singles i am listening to at the moment

1.Pop My Trunk by Yelawolf. Anyone that calls a shotgun a biscuit gets my vote everytime. I am hungry.
2.Beamer, Benz, Bentley intermixed with Nissan, Honda, Chevy. The 2010 Summer Song just got it. Makes you want those cars whether you can afford or not. Plus, the remix is the cars i can have or drive. Living the dream. Thanks Mr. Banks and Mr.Ortiz.
3. 6 foot 7 foot-Lil Weezy featuring Cory Gunz. I still think it is funny that Peter Gunz has a sun who took the same name and is actually better than his dad. Besides that song samples the same song that appeared in Beetlejuice. We're coming for daughter, Chuck.
4.Devil in a New Dress-K.West featuring Rick Ross. Anyone that can say "I am getting Tupac Money Twice Over" gets my right hand in the Panther Air. Bosssss
5.Block After Block-MAtt and Kim-Are they dating? First Punk Music that you can dance to, then two people in your band, travel everywhere, get signed, get naked in Times Square and make a video about it, then get funky and do it again. Need i say more.

Top five singles that are

Top five singles that are creeping in my ipod

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recently the nytimes ran an article about a lauryn hill show in bk. They ripped her a new one which was expected. My girl and I were supposed to attend but we thought, the tickets are a little pricey consider ms hill has not released anything in a holy minute. Back to the article. She left people waiting for five hours, then a dj came on for a half hour before she entered the stage with a inforgiving attitude like we owe her something. If I stood for five hours, you better appreciate. Plus I paid. To paraphrase she said she sacrificed her twenties. Its america, you have a choice. On top of that, she was medicore and rearranged several classics which did not need it. Now before I even thought about the show, I relistened to the fugees albums. Butter. Dopalicious. Slithering between my toenails like a snake after prey. I loved it. Her album is so good, I want to purge my insides for
doing wrong. Even if I just stole a cupcake when I was five, I still wanted to purge. Then she flipped. But maybe that is what made her genius. She was official. Dmx and gucci just had themselves commited. Maybe ms hill needs to do the same. I don't get it but I get it. The pressure or the kids or the marleys or just the existence of being and living are tough. I believe ms hill once said she was ready to fight and make songs to inspire? Well...welll. We are waiting.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Notable mention on my top ten list..Big KRIT mixtape. The boy got the package. Dope voice, dope rhymes, soul, delivery and can make a beat. Do not sleep on this dude. He can go both left and right.

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Top Ten List

This is a list of albums that i rock on my Computer.

1.Kanye West-BDF...Its real, its good and who really cares if he has an ego. He believes
2.Yelawolf-Trunk Muzik 0-60-dope beats, rhymes, life from Atl to Alabama
3.Vampire Weekend-Contra..Who want it
4.The Dream-First this album. Can't help it.
5.Rick Ross-Teflon Don-still a favorite from the first track to the last. I cannot press stop
6.G-Side-Cohesive-new group outta Alabama. The music is abstract, the lyrics is Outkast, the flow is pimping. Sounds like my life minus the Alabama.
7.Ghana Sounds Vol 1 and 2-Feels like Fela and James Brown combined
8.J.Cole-Friday Night Lights mixtape-P.Walsh put me on to the homie and i have not stopped listening. Oh yeah, the series is in its last season. Better than expected.
9.Chiddy Bang. If you don't understand the future, then you need to grab this album.
10.MC Chris. His mixtape just creeped back into my atmosphere after watching Nerdcore Documentary on HULU.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Btw NYE party at city 55 was off the hook. From hip hop to soca tp baltimore booty music, dj CEO ripped it. What sucked abt the night. The 14 dollar drinks, and the speaker blowing out every two minutes. As we know, that is blamed on the dj for some reason. Welcome 2011. I am sure I will date everything 2010. What a great year.

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Talking too much. Sometimes djs pump the party too much. As I dj, I love to talk. I love to make annoucements and even give shouts to the crowd. It hass to make sense within the flow of the night. It is like reading the crowd. However, djs talk thru some of the best parts of the song. No rewind. Butn there should be a rule on it. Not an unwritten rule. A real one. Take them to court. Specify what happened. Get judged by some high power djs. I mean if god is a dj or djs are gods, then let's aim to be the god not bs the crowd with mic cut offs. Exception: if place is on fire, then cut the music and run.

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Slept on. Albums that I am still bumping from last year. Right now I am listening to Sir Lucious Leftfoot aka Big Boi. The song Chico Dusty is so good. Think early outkast mixed with funkadelic spiritual funkness. He may be the better rapper with better rhymes,flows and delivery. Bih Boi is definitely more prolific than his partner and with this release, mr 3000 better step his game up. Their partnership is still intact as per the song You Ain't No Dj featuring Yelawolf and music by mr benjamin. They are the ying and yang that is needed. The album utilizes Big Boi crazy styles as the foundation to an album dominated by 808, southern dopeness and electro beats. I still love yelling Gucci and he makes an appearance in order to show his respect to a king.