Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Daddy

After reading that Kate Hudson might be pregnant. BTW, Kate Hudson is lovely. DJed a wrap party for a movie she was starring and she comes across as well as she does on film which is amazing. I digress. I thought about the baby daddy. She is or was dating the lead singer from the ultra anthem experimental but all together influential band MUSE. Maybe i went too far with it but who cares. I want to stomp the floor everytime i hear their music and i feel like i am floating in space on a mission to stop the intergalactic war from the evil jabba. Anyhow, my mind racing around like space ghost on a case and i am just amped about MUSE. I booted up my itunes and tossed up MUSE for a listen. Still dope as all hell.Def defying awesomeness. Right now i tuned into The Resistance and i feel like they should battle Prince and The Revolution in a game of basketball or Cricket. Pancake Bitches.

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