Monday, January 24, 2011 Chris_Brown_ft._Twista_Lil_Wayne_-_Look_At_Me_Now_REMIX_-_MP3WAXX.mp3 Chris_Brown_ft._Twista_Lil_Wayne_-_Look_At_Me_Now_REMIX_-_MP3WAXX.mp3

Crazy as it seems, rapper got brains too. Well we knew that but i think the massification of the rap industry-hiphop or whatever you like to call it-has cluttered the brains of those who listen to both underground,foreground and overground acts. Now here comes a song that i appreciate. Something new but the same braggadocio that i want to hear. Chorus is simple. It is Chris Brown. But the beat is turned out space alien can't come back to earth type loveliness. of the best in all realms...check the albums,check the Guinness Book, check the lyrics, check the flow and check the status, and check the spitting ability on this track. Twista just destroys the track like Gallagher does to watermelons. I mean Twista switches mid flow into hyper speed which is lovely. I try to catch everything he says. I had to rewind it like a madman.

PS Skins TV show on MTV sucks. I saw KIDS. It was much better.

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