Saturday, January 15, 2011

LIL i fan or not?

I really cannot answer that question. I see the buzz. I have seen magazines finally catching on after a few years of writing him off. I have seen his swag. Its real folks. I listened to the mixtapes. Well, not all of them but most. Based God as he refers to himself is out hustling even the best rappers and the rappers that think they are good and the rappers that have lyrics and the stylistic rappers and even the top selling rappers and the rappers who are co signed by the top selling rappers. BTW slaughterhouse and yelawolf signed to Shady Records. LIL B is smoking right now. F a fire, that dude is doing events, emceeing parties, making songs, posting on the internet, traveling to the east coast, making beats, wearing the same gear....well maybe not but coming close to it, and making complaining emcees look bad. You can make fun of him. You can say that his lyrics suck and/or his songs do not go anywhere. You can post on blogs all day which i realize i am doing right now. LIL B does not give a flying rats ass. Can rats fly? if so, i need to find one and get rich. LIL B is based god to the max and he has a following. Final Thought:Imagine doing all the things in your head and recording it. Then be rewarded for it. Hmmm ..

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