Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recently the nytimes ran an article about a lauryn hill show in bk. They ripped her a new one which was expected. My girl and I were supposed to attend but we thought, the tickets are a little pricey consider ms hill has not released anything in a holy minute. Back to the article. She left people waiting for five hours, then a dj came on for a half hour before she entered the stage with a inforgiving attitude like we owe her something. If I stood for five hours, you better appreciate. Plus I paid. To paraphrase she said she sacrificed her twenties. Its america, you have a choice. On top of that, she was medicore and rearranged several classics which did not need it. Now before I even thought about the show, I relistened to the fugees albums. Butter. Dopalicious. Slithering between my toenails like a snake after prey. I loved it. Her album is so good, I want to purge my insides for
doing wrong. Even if I just stole a cupcake when I was five, I still wanted to purge. Then she flipped. But maybe that is what made her genius. She was official. Dmx and gucci just had themselves commited. Maybe ms hill needs to do the same. I don't get it but I get it. The pressure or the kids or the marleys or just the existence of being and living are tough. I believe ms hill once said she was ready to fight and make songs to inspire? Well...welll. We are waiting.

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