Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to the tic toc you dont stop

I am blasting Girl Talk's new Album after a good chinese meal or not so good. I will be able to tell you in a half hour. I have experienced the GirlTalk experience in person and it is amazing...what he gets away with and what people just love to love. He has reinvented the mash up, the remix and the party. He makes you jump and when you are against the wall because you are not a dancer, drinking, smoking or any other excuse that you think you can come up with, you have to tap your feet and move your body. Because it is and it is because. Don't Think, just do. Take your shoes off and run around like you have never danced before. BTW, this is only based off the first two songs of the album. It is hard writing this right now. I am nodding my head to every beat and happy to say that technology is winning. I love the mash ups and he is putting Pittsburgh on the map..well maybe not but he does have a street named after him and that is pretty gangsta. Oh shit, Wale is on. Tell them bamas to back up. Thats Whats UP

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