Thursday, January 6, 2011

top five singles i am listening to at the moment

1.Pop My Trunk by Yelawolf. Anyone that calls a shotgun a biscuit gets my vote everytime. I am hungry.
2.Beamer, Benz, Bentley intermixed with Nissan, Honda, Chevy. The 2010 Summer Song just got it. Makes you want those cars whether you can afford or not. Plus, the remix is the cars i can have or drive. Living the dream. Thanks Mr. Banks and Mr.Ortiz.
3. 6 foot 7 foot-Lil Weezy featuring Cory Gunz. I still think it is funny that Peter Gunz has a sun who took the same name and is actually better than his dad. Besides that song samples the same song that appeared in Beetlejuice. We're coming for daughter, Chuck.
4.Devil in a New Dress-K.West featuring Rick Ross. Anyone that can say "I am getting Tupac Money Twice Over" gets my right hand in the Panther Air. Bosssss
5.Block After Block-MAtt and Kim-Are they dating? First Punk Music that you can dance to, then two people in your band, travel everywhere, get signed, get naked in Times Square and make a video about it, then get funky and do it again. Need i say more.

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