Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Ten List

This is a list of albums that i rock on my Computer.

1.Kanye West-BDF...Its real, its good and who really cares if he has an ego. He believes
2.Yelawolf-Trunk Muzik 0-60-dope beats, rhymes, life from Atl to Alabama
3.Vampire Weekend-Contra..Who want it
4.The Dream-First this album. Can't help it.
5.Rick Ross-Teflon Don-still a favorite from the first track to the last. I cannot press stop
6.G-Side-Cohesive-new group outta Alabama. The music is abstract, the lyrics is Outkast, the flow is pimping. Sounds like my life minus the Alabama.
7.Ghana Sounds Vol 1 and 2-Feels like Fela and James Brown combined
8.J.Cole-Friday Night Lights mixtape-P.Walsh put me on to the homie and i have not stopped listening. Oh yeah, the series is in its last season. Better than expected.
9.Chiddy Bang. If you don't understand the future, then you need to grab this album.
10.MC Chris. His mixtape just creeped back into my atmosphere after watching Nerdcore Documentary on HULU.

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