Thursday, February 24, 2011



This post is not about that word. More about the recently signed group out of LA running by the name of ODD Future. Odd yes. But not that ODD. This weirdo has always been into weird and they are just doing what they feel. Being young, being weird, being human and loving it. It is paying off. There is nothing hipster about them except that hipsters like them. Their stage styles reminds me of Onyx and the Grave Diggers mixed with the energy of Busta and LA NWA attitude. SWAG. Check them on Jimmy Fallon, the new late night hero and other youtube videos they have made. BTW, if you like these guys please pay attention and check out P.O.S., that dude is the truth. SWAG

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I heard in new hampshire

I heard in new hampshire and in detroit and in chicago.

At a wedding in new

At a wedding in new hampshire and they are rocking it. Cupid shuffle? Where did thatcome from? The new electric slide. Hmmm.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are you OK with Wale signing to Rick Ross Label?

My obession with Cee Lo continues

After bolstering and bragging his way through a grammy performance that outweighed the rest, he releases Bodies from his latest album. My girl commented that he sounded biutiful at MSG and that his teeth are so white its like he never brushes them. Best Superpower ever. On top of that, the random video images floating throughout the video make you want to just get in bed and lay there with the light flickering and you are about to solve a murder mystery. Maybe i am dreaming. or i am just sick. who knows but damn Cee-Lo keep doing it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egyptian Music

If anyone knows of some cool ass african artists, hit me up?

A new Blu Ray DVD Player and Britney Spears

How did Britney Survive? Sure Will. I guess or the fact that her fans/stalkers/followers are constantly worrying about her hair, her latest husband, her kids, Ferderline-fat or skinny, and singing her songs at Karoake bars throughout the world. Well, my girlfriend just bought a new Blu Ray/DVD Player and i was having trouble setting it up this morning. It pissed me off for a few reasons. I felt like my parents when they asked me to set up the VCR for them and i thought this is so easy, what is the problem. Once the Blu-Ray was set just had to be restarted like everything else in this technological was amazing. Internet through your TV. Actually an old concept but i am catching up slowly. Sure Will Pandora, Netflix, Pictures, Photos, DVDs through the Blu-Ray DVD player. Well, maybe i need to start DJing as such. Lets add more to it. Well, here comes the sun and i am listening to another Britney Spears song. Sure Will leads to advancement in life. Till Death do we part. Oh Baby, Baby.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Like i need to say this

I had a discussion the other day about showmanship. Actually, i was sitting with my girlfriend watching Purple Rain which is a must if you like Prince and Appolina Titties. But i digress, Prince just knows how to perform. Running around in tights, heels, mascara and playing the guitar are just pieces to the puzzle. I mean we all need to learn from this. I am talking about DJs as well. Why are we standing back there and not loving what we play? Not giving a show? At certain events maybe. But lets get some personality, lets change the game. Push me or inspire me more. Back to musicians, do not be scared to move a little. We all have visions of our own art and if that is you..not moving much..then i get it..maybe. Even the ones who do not move, should move a little. Dave Matthews has the feet, Bruce the split and the butt shake, Axel and so on. I also picked up some Gogol Bordello and i said to myself, damn that dude does it every night. Perform people. Show and Prove.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am not sure what

I am not sure what else he has. Text me if you knw?

I think he is on

I think he is on the third or fourth encore

Consists of three songs mashed

Consists of three songs mashed up with dancing and random harmonica player? Where is shakey dave?







Questlove on the bongos

Questlove on the bongos

I am preettty sure kim

I am preettty sure kim kardishian was pulled on stage and then got playeed for not dancing

Oh yeah. Someone is smoking

Oh yeah. Someone is smoking the pot, the marijuana leaf...not me

Nothing but the hits

Nothing but the hits

Purple rain purple rain...all I

Purple rain purple rain...all I want to see

A picture of sinbad showed

A picture of sinbad showed up. It is getting dark. Darknessssssss. Would u like some pancakes?
Prince concert....yes my girlfriend is awesome. Ceelo opened up for himand we are waiting. Ate nacho chips and will priobably be sick. But it is prince

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Fridge

Dude, i saw a disturbing story on the fridge. Yes, William Perry from Chicago Bears fame. I mean the superbowl shuffle. He was a huge in more than one way. Basically, the story profiled Perry and his NFL Career and the fact that he can barely walk due to a disease called Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome, a chronic inflammation disorder of the peripheral nerves.Since he is a drinker, this made the disease hit him even harder. Plus, he is still overweight for his size and per his wife, he does not like to workout. It was sad. It was hard to watch a guy who used to rumble in the jungle and change the way we look at runningbacks-think Bettis and Heyward-and now he can't walk without the help of his wife and a cane. I almost saw Dikta cry. That may have been more amazing. Then i thought about the mistakes people make in life and how precious life really is. I guess it is about living the life you live and enjoying every minute. On the flipside, he still has the personality of a huge Bear. A bear that never gives up the funside. Jim Mcmahon may have said it best "I do not regret one minute because it is better than having a regular job." BTW, Jim McMahon says he cna barely remember his playing days or even what he is doing when he enters a room. Thoughts?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who the fuck is Jessie J and why do I care

hey the song was clever. Do it like a dude. But after the first verse, i was not impressed. But i do wonder...did she steal Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga style or the other way around. You make the call.

Catch this

Mr on time. I like that nickname. What is your nickname?

Top 5 Songs to listen to on the way to work to a crappy job

1.Wiz Khalifa-Black and Yellow-pumps you up and makes you want to get some money to get a new car or at least spend the money you make on something black and yellow like a tonka toy truck
2.Cee-lo Green-Fuck you. If you hate your job, this is self explanatory. Even if you don't sometimes you wish you had a button while someone you hate is talking to you and press it
3.Kanye West-So Appalled-Look this could work in so many ways. Throw your hands in the air if you dont really care is the chorus. Nuff Said. Oh yeah, Anyone that spits I will give you Bobby Brown Jaw is dope.
4.Alien Ant Farm-Smooth Criminal-The man is dead, but still a haunting fantastic cover and the video is hi larious. Thus, rock it out and don't be sqaure
5.Anything by Portishead will get you in a nice calming mood so that you don't yell at your boss for being a dickhead. If you are the boss, then you are already know...that you are dickhead. But hey, no judgement. ohmmmmmmmmmmmm

I see I see Black and Green and Yellow

Lately, i see that everyone has or will make a remix to Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow. Specifically, Mr Lil Wayne make it rain just made his version which well not as creative as you think but still caught press clippings. Even an interview on Sportscenter where he also has a sports blog. I think. Never followed nor do i care about his sports opinion. Anyhow, he made a song called Green and Yellow. Makes sense because he is from New Orleans. OK maybe not. But he does get a chance to explain over on Sportcenter and it makes sense. But lets talk about it from a marketing standpoint. Every rapper that has covered ...hehe ..i mean made their own version of the Black and Yellow has pledge allegiance to their college or gave their own spin on it for their home town team. But Mr. Weezy F decides to just root for the Packers. More press will bite because no one else has done it. Packers have a chance. Wiz loves it because after being a staple local artist for years, he now becomes worldwide. Wayne says hey put me back on TV and they do. For the song and for his personality. Also, his label is releasing more albums than people will even notice and this song Green and Yellow brings more fans. He gets on Sports center and then the bloggers follow. Now there is a song for either side. We live in America and Life is fair right? Well, i project the black eye peas rock the Superbowl and in the middle of I got a feeling, they cut to Black and Yellow and Wiz Khalifa comes on stage and sings one verse which cuts to Green and Yellow where Lil Wayne comes on and kicks his verse and then finish with a GirlTalk Mix of Imma Be. That would be fresh. So the Directors of the halftime show need to listen and make this happen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Secret Sisters (With Jack White) - Big River

I peeped this track after hearing Mrs White play a few tracks from her album on NPR. Hell yeah, i listen to public radio. This is real shit. Jack White is a beast. We all know it. If the stripes get back together, i will definitely go and rock out like the old man i am. These women have strength in harmony and pain in their voices which make for a dangerous southern dont you fuck with me attitude. Damn WBWA for reels. This is a record.

Interview: Blaqstarr Spaces Out

Interview: Blaqstarr Spaces Out

being a b-more junkie makes me know who and what Blacqstarr. First, i get upset because more people do not understand that he is behind as many hits of M.I.A. as Diplo. Well, very close. He defines and redefines his own sound and the B-more sound. He took my original last name and switched it. He remixed it. Nice. On top of it all, he keeps morphing and shape shifting his music, his cuts, his tracks, his life. Currently residing in LA, he is in a new zone. Check out this interview in the Fader and download his music to be blown away on a daily basis. BOOm.