Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Fridge

Dude, i saw a disturbing story on the fridge. Yes, William Perry from Chicago Bears fame. I mean the superbowl shuffle. He was a huge in more than one way. Basically, the story profiled Perry and his NFL Career and the fact that he can barely walk due to a disease called Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome, a chronic inflammation disorder of the peripheral nerves.Since he is a drinker, this made the disease hit him even harder. Plus, he is still overweight for his size and per his wife, he does not like to workout. It was sad. It was hard to watch a guy who used to rumble in the jungle and change the way we look at runningbacks-think Bettis and Heyward-and now he can't walk without the help of his wife and a cane. I almost saw Dikta cry. That may have been more amazing. Then i thought about the mistakes people make in life and how precious life really is. I guess it is about living the life you live and enjoying every minute. On the flipside, he still has the personality of a huge Bear. A bear that never gives up the funside. Jim Mcmahon may have said it best "I do not regret one minute because it is better than having a regular job." BTW, Jim McMahon says he cna barely remember his playing days or even what he is doing when he enters a room. Thoughts?

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