Saturday, February 5, 2011

I see I see Black and Green and Yellow

Lately, i see that everyone has or will make a remix to Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow. Specifically, Mr Lil Wayne make it rain just made his version which well not as creative as you think but still caught press clippings. Even an interview on Sportscenter where he also has a sports blog. I think. Never followed nor do i care about his sports opinion. Anyhow, he made a song called Green and Yellow. Makes sense because he is from New Orleans. OK maybe not. But he does get a chance to explain over on Sportcenter and it makes sense. But lets talk about it from a marketing standpoint. Every rapper that has covered ...hehe ..i mean made their own version of the Black and Yellow has pledge allegiance to their college or gave their own spin on it for their home town team. But Mr. Weezy F decides to just root for the Packers. More press will bite because no one else has done it. Packers have a chance. Wiz loves it because after being a staple local artist for years, he now becomes worldwide. Wayne says hey put me back on TV and they do. For the song and for his personality. Also, his label is releasing more albums than people will even notice and this song Green and Yellow brings more fans. He gets on Sports center and then the bloggers follow. Now there is a song for either side. We live in America and Life is fair right? Well, i project the black eye peas rock the Superbowl and in the middle of I got a feeling, they cut to Black and Yellow and Wiz Khalifa comes on stage and sings one verse which cuts to Green and Yellow where Lil Wayne comes on and kicks his verse and then finish with a GirlTalk Mix of Imma Be. That would be fresh. So the Directors of the halftime show need to listen and make this happen.

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