Friday, February 11, 2011

Like i need to say this

I had a discussion the other day about showmanship. Actually, i was sitting with my girlfriend watching Purple Rain which is a must if you like Prince and Appolina Titties. But i digress, Prince just knows how to perform. Running around in tights, heels, mascara and playing the guitar are just pieces to the puzzle. I mean we all need to learn from this. I am talking about DJs as well. Why are we standing back there and not loving what we play? Not giving a show? At certain events maybe. But lets get some personality, lets change the game. Push me or inspire me more. Back to musicians, do not be scared to move a little. We all have visions of our own art and if that is you..not moving much..then i get it..maybe. Even the ones who do not move, should move a little. Dave Matthews has the feet, Bruce the split and the butt shake, Axel and so on. I also picked up some Gogol Bordello and i said to myself, damn that dude does it every night. Perform people. Show and Prove.

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