Sunday, February 13, 2011

A new Blu Ray DVD Player and Britney Spears

How did Britney Survive? Sure Will. I guess or the fact that her fans/stalkers/followers are constantly worrying about her hair, her latest husband, her kids, Ferderline-fat or skinny, and singing her songs at Karoake bars throughout the world. Well, my girlfriend just bought a new Blu Ray/DVD Player and i was having trouble setting it up this morning. It pissed me off for a few reasons. I felt like my parents when they asked me to set up the VCR for them and i thought this is so easy, what is the problem. Once the Blu-Ray was set just had to be restarted like everything else in this technological was amazing. Internet through your TV. Actually an old concept but i am catching up slowly. Sure Will Pandora, Netflix, Pictures, Photos, DVDs through the Blu-Ray DVD player. Well, maybe i need to start DJing as such. Lets add more to it. Well, here comes the sun and i am listening to another Britney Spears song. Sure Will leads to advancement in life. Till Death do we part. Oh Baby, Baby.

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