Friday, March 18, 2011

Love letter to a Sunny day in Queens

Dear Sunny Day,

You have allowed to accept my existence on this planet. As i walk to work with my girlfriend and run to the bus, i think of a life with her. It is and will be amazing. I think of the winter and how it tried to pound the living daylight of my soul in a nonexistent mess of poop. Yes, poop. Then i realize that we as New Yorkers are happier when the sun is out. We move quicker and yell at subway riders who do not move for the pregnant lady. We laugh louder and run our finger through our hair like we just realized we had long hair. Even though college basketball is on and i watch it at work, i want to bask in your realm of sunshine and possiblity. Your ability to light up the future allows me to run in the park as soon as i get home. Allow me to bounce to the tunes blasting out the freshly new washed cars with the 20 inch rims or say Damnnnn when i hear the motorcycles rolling by. Whether you are inspiring others to whip their hair back and forth and skateboard, or scream or sit out in the park and watch you fade into the background. I know you are there sunshine to peak above the clouds the next day. So i will miss today but i will see you tomorrow. Now listen to my trax bitch.

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