Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dj Brik Mason spins Party at the Piers 2011

Can i kick it?

Working on remixes can be an awesome process or just gruelling. But i love it. Sometimes it takes longer than usual. You have to grab a feel to the song but you want to bring your own element to it. Which can be harder than you think. If the song is about hatred, do i become the person he or she hates? Do i respond to their words or just go off on a tangent?
I feel like remixes can be mistakes. I embrace the mistakes in life, love and music. It only makes you and the music better. I am still working on the Bryan Dunn remixes which should be posted by next week. I am going in the studio to rock out some raps. On a another note, i will do more mixes for Lara Ewen, Rachel Axelrod, Andy Mac, and Tom Shepard. Lets Go!!!

PS Special Two Head Horse Remix coming.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dj Brik Mason spins Party at the Piers 2011

This Happened on June 11, 2011. Thank to all that came out and sweated the night away.