Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can i kick it?

Working on remixes can be an awesome process or just gruelling. But i love it. Sometimes it takes longer than usual. You have to grab a feel to the song but you want to bring your own element to it. Which can be harder than you think. If the song is about hatred, do i become the person he or she hates? Do i respond to their words or just go off on a tangent?
I feel like remixes can be mistakes. I embrace the mistakes in life, love and music. It only makes you and the music better. I am still working on the Bryan Dunn remixes which should be posted by next week. I am going in the studio to rock out some raps. On a another note, i will do more mixes for Lara Ewen, Rachel Axelrod, Andy Mac, and Tom Shepard. Lets Go!!!

PS Special Two Head Horse Remix coming.

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