Thursday, January 31, 2013

Iron Chef DJ

Being a Dj is a great profession. Check out this story for Inspiration.

Insanity vs Dj Brik Mason(Iron Chef Dj)

I executed the Cardio Abs this morning. It was awesome but a little much for the morning. My bones were not ready.   Shaun T, my back hurts. Ouch.  Very close to recovery week.  I am almost half way through.  Pros-I feel better and have more energy.  My legs are not as sore as i when i first started. My back is a little sore.  But when i stretch, it feels like heaven.   

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Law and Order

I am waiting for the Amerikans to premiere on FX.  Although i am not really a fan of Keri Russell, the promo makes it intriguing.  While i wait, i will be watching Law and Order.  Standard Wednesday Night. Love it.   The music in these shows always pull me in whether for familiarity or just a mood changer. hmm.  wait, it is back on.

Insanity vs Dj Brik Mason(Iron Chef DJ)

I am in WEEK 4 on the Insanity Program.  Yes sir.  First day, Pure Cardio.  I love it.  The variety gets me going.  Knowing the exercises and the moves work.  I am still not sure if i lost weight or just lose a lot of water. I followed the Pure Cardio with some old fashioned Sushi. Hmm.  Always good after a workout.  

Dj Brik Mason

Wedding Mix

I am going to load a new wedding mix in a few days.  Stay Tuned.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Insanity vs Dj Brik Mason(iron chef Dj)

Rest day per the calendar.  Got the teeth cleaned, had a wicked headache and listening to Trinidad James.  All Brik Everything.  

FYI,   wear red tomorrow.  American Heart Association wants you to support their cause for preventing Heart Disease by wearing Red.  Plus go to MACYS and get 20% off.  Cutting and Scratching

Dj Brik Mason

Trinidad James

Are you afraid of Ghetto Fied Dude in a Blouse?   Well check out Trinidad James, his mixtape and on tour.  It is nothing like this coming out of Atlanta.  I am a little scared.  Which makes me feel alive.  Here is a taste of his videos below:

I am not sure what he saying but i do not care.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

Insanity vs Dj Brik Mason(iron chef dj)

Week 3 is done. Wow. Abs are tighter, core is harder but Shaun T, i am still screaming by the end.  Need to get through the whole thing without the screaming.  Still have work to do.  Those that want to join me, hit me up at  Others share your stories. #brikmason #insanity.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Release the Kracken

I am in front of the TV with the wife watching the Giant Squid aka the Kracken.   Tune In. this is awesome.  They are everywhere.  Japan, New Zealand and Norway.

Insanity-week 3(Iron Chef DJ vs Insanity)

My brother joined me on the mission to dissect and survive Insanity. Check his facebook.  He saw me cry and lose breath and scream till it hurt. Still Cursing at Shaun T.  But did i feel better?  Hell Yeah.  I need you to try insanity and send your results.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Freedom Party

Check out the Freedom Party at Le Poisson Lounge in Manhattan.  Cool Party.  It is been going on for years.  Say hi to DJ John Quick-it is his birthday.  Happy B day Superhero Dj.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I went a great bar/restaurant/lounge tonight for a going away party.  The night was fantastic.  great conversation, jazz trio throughout the night, basketball and football talk, cold weather talk and ended the night talking about the waitresses chest.  Hmm.  I guess wine and beer will do that to you.  A farewell to my friend.
Insanity was completed this morning.  I need to focus on my eating habits. Did well most of the day but  ate some pizza late night which kills the diet. The rules. What rules?  Its NYC.  It is cold. But that is not a excuse. I will be back on the grind tomorrow. Insanity program will lead me to greatness. I think. It better.  Be well and have a good night. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dj Mighty Mi Remixes

So i have been inspired the DJ Mighty Mi for years.  He gave me a dream to follow.  New York and its grittiness.   Love it.   Here is a track i love from him. 
In absence of Insanity, I will do 50 pushups before i go to bed.  
Insanity is not in the books tonight.  However, i like to trick my body so it will grow.  Instead the wife and I ate some wheat thins, hummus and cheese.  Iron Chef Dj was cooking up some new mixes for the weekend.  Look out for a wedding mix and a 90's Hip Hop and Dance mix.  Ohhhh I am excited.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dj Brik Mason Vs Insanity

I have decided to take my resolution and run with it.  I am a Dj.  I get the party started and entertain.  This is my job and what i love to do.  I am putting myself to a challenge.  First I will do 60 days of the Insanity Program featuring Shaun T and advertised on TV as well as  I will update via Twitter and this blog.  Please tune in.  I want to start recording the workouts as well.  


5. TO CHALLENGE MYSELF-Mind, Body and Soul.

After this workout program, i will begin and complete another workout program(turbo fire, kickboxing, P90X(completed), Tapout, The new 50 Cent workout, Bootcamps).   I want to change and affect lives through music and workouts.

PS.  If you know of any fitness instructors or you are a fitness instructor and you want to collaborate ideas and programs, email me 

Gunplay:Cops and Robbers

Ok, so my brother in law put me on to Gunplay. I heard about him and seen him in videos with the Miami Favorite Rick Ross.  MMG is what feels like the best label to be on at the moment.  They are running the country(rap wise).  Of course, TDE is putting out quality work.  I digress, GunPlay is making moves. The Pros for Gunplay-street cred, paid dues, signed a deal with Def Jam, name is Gunplay(nuff said), quality music, Quality Mixtapes and when he has a guest vocal, he blows the competition out the water.  Check out Power Circle from MMG compilation album.  He just released a third mixtape that is off the charts and i actually have become a fan.  Now, for all the naysayers or purest, he is not trying to save the world, he is trying to live in it.  The Cons of Gunplay-a temper and a possible jail sentence(he was on house arrest).  But maybe the rebel in him came out in real life more than on record. Check out videos below:

Monday, January 7, 2013

A friend of mine emailed me this list.  I am not saying i follow these rules but i am not saying i do not follow these rules.