Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gunplay:Cops and Robbers

Ok, so my brother in law put me on to Gunplay. I heard about him and seen him in videos with the Miami Favorite Rick Ross.  MMG is what feels like the best label to be on at the moment.  They are running the country(rap wise).  Of course, TDE is putting out quality work.  I digress, GunPlay is making moves. The Pros for Gunplay-street cred, paid dues, signed a deal with Def Jam, name is Gunplay(nuff said), quality music, Quality Mixtapes and when he has a guest vocal, he blows the competition out the water.  Check out Power Circle from MMG compilation album.  He just released a third mixtape that is off the charts and i actually have become a fan.  Now, for all the naysayers or purest, he is not trying to save the world, he is trying to live in it.  The Cons of Gunplay-a temper and a possible jail sentence(he was on house arrest).  But maybe the rebel in him came out in real life more than on record. Check out videos below:




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