Saturday, February 23, 2013

Insanity vs Dj Brik Mason

After my recovery from the max interval ploy(both muscles and pride), i gathered myself this morning and said DIG Deeper in my inner voice.  Today was Max Interval Conditioning.  I love this one.  Here is why.  The moves in the segment change every single time while still giving you a burn.  I still failed(both tired, sweaty and exhausted as usual) but i was happy about my failure.  Yes, there is some good to the program. I have definitely lost inches in the abdomen.  I think i need to do some weights to make my flab turn to lean muscule.  But Shaun T, i am still cursing at you.  But i am cursing with you.  This was the first video i have seen where Shaun T actually stopped and paused in the middle of an exercise and rested.  He actually RESTED.   Now as an instructor, he gets to run around the gym(please change locations) and yell at other people for not staying with it(they call it motivation, i call it PITA(pain in the ass)).  We can call it rest but not really.  Shaun T, thank you for showing me that human element.  Besides adding a few new faces, Shaun T made my day.  DIG DEEPER.

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