Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Woke up this morning and Pure Cardio was on the membrane. Sure enough, the mind had lead me in the right direction.  I was prepared to sweat.  I was not nervous.  I was ready.  The warm up was fantastic. It made me ready for the work. Shaun T likes to say he is nervous.   But this time i was ready.  I knew everything Shaun T was going to do. I paced myself and switched when Shaun T switched.  I need more room in my living room but i made it work.  I flubbed once which was ok cause it was near the end and Shaun T said i could rest.  Once finished, i felt sweat dripping out of my pores.  Yes, the journey was done but it had only just begun.  Shaun T, i want my T-shirt.

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