Thursday, February 7, 2013

Insanity Vs DJ Brik Mason(Iron Chef DJ)

Week 4. Insanity.  Getting better.  Plyometric this morning.  Whew.  The genius that goes into the last 4 exercises can be called incredible or insane. A bait and switch. oh you are doing so well and improving and then...the dreaded ski abs and in and out abs.  I mean what the f...I will get it one day.  But Shaun T, when i scream in the morning and stomp on the floor and sweat till it hurts, i need a little encouragement. My neighbors have to hate me now.  Grunting and pushing myself to the limit.   Still cursing at Shaun T.  But my heart is pumping and i feel good. One more exercise for week 4 and then recovery week.

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