Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Check out this dude..Mike Stud.

His success is.....i am not sure if i trust someone who came up so quickly.  But if you have skills, i do not care.  Your thoughts?

Dj Diet: Dj Brik Mason eats vegan

Not a bad dinner tonight.  Indian food is always good.   I had a little cheese which was delicious.   I followed the meal with chips and guacamole.  Pretty good.  I forgot to add the chili pepper.   Now watching GAME of THRONES.  Be well.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dj Diet: Dj Brik Mason Eating Vegan

After a little cleaning today, i whipped up some Guacamole with Sea Salt, Chili Powder, Pepper, Red Onions and Tomatoes.   So good.  Pat myself on the back.  I had to hydrate a lot which may mean a little too much salt.   Also, my cousin peeped my website and she pushed me towards hers.  She is also a vegetarian and vegan a few days, a lawyer, married with two kids and awesome.  Along with the recipes my friends gave me, i will begin to eat my way through her recipes.  Starting May 31st, i will begin to cook my way through this website...

Check it out for yourself.

Also,  i will begin to post my daily musings and flops.   

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Check out the Tiffany Mills Gala

Dj Brik Mason spins at Tiffany Mills Company Gala on May 30th, 2013

I am reaching out to you because you may be interested in this type of event. It is combo package.  Dance Company Performance and Gala.  I am spinning at the GALA which is on the Rooftop of BAM(Brooklyn Academy of Music-  

Please review the link for ticket packages.

I am also contacting you because i know you know other people who are in the arts and entertainment field. But it does not have to be in this field. Anyone who is interested(even those with kids) will love this type of dance company. They are exciting, boisterous and physical. If you are in the area or know others in the area, tell them to check it out.

 Again the Gala is on May 30th, 2013.  It is about a month away.  The $50 dollars for the tickets includes performance and Gala.
Any Questions, do not hesitate to email or call me.

Dj Brik Mason aka Kevin Black

Dj Diet: Dj Brik Mason Eats Vegan

Today was pretty good.  The morning started off with a banana. Then my lunch was rice and beans(i wish i would have made it but it was leftover from last nights mexican dinner..we found a new place in Astoria).  Then i finished the day with some delicious vegan cookies(i overdid it because i had three but worth it).  Dinner..hmmm. Two sandwiches on whole wheat bread with Kale, Walnuts, Veganase, Cornichons and a little lemon dressing.  Man, sooo good.   Feel Energetic and feel good.

Sidebar:  Two co workers at my job purchased a cleanse plan for 3 days.  Well, they are on their second day and they look tired.  They did not say they feel better but i am curious.  I will see how they feel.

Check out  Next up this weekend.  Lentil Salad.  Hmmm.  Pics coming soon. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vegan Dinner-Dj Brik Mason Diet

Yesterday, i began to watch Master of the Mix for the first time. Not bad.  I mean, i should be on the show.  Ok, my ego says be on the show.  But it is tough.   No BS.  Much respect to the DJs although Lil Jon was one of the judges soo  Yeahhhhhhh.      Also, i had bare burger again for dinner.  Ordered two Quinoa burgers with Apple Grilled Onions and Pesto.   So good.  I added a little Veganase(thanks Jai lifestyle for the hint. Love the Veganase) and it was perfection.  Wrapped in Lettuce.   Damn,  so good.  Pictures later.   

Friday, May 10, 2013

His Purple Majesty's Request

Teddy's Bar and Grill  9pm-12am

Finally, a local tribute to the single greatest musician of the latter part of the 20th Century. Featuring performances by Jessi Robertson, Ivan Sandomire, Steve Waitt, Alex Lowry, Kevin Johnston and possibly some extra special guests as well. Hosted by Bryan Dunn & the Mild Political Unrest (Andy Mac & Seth Ondracek).

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chew On this-Kale with Walnuts

I made it last night. I swear i did.  I talked about this recipe a few days ago and i made last night at 11:30am.  I was watching Golden State whip the Spurs into old age.  Mark Jackson should probably be coach of the year and Kevin Durant(if they get to the finals) should be MVP of the Playoffs. Straight Up.  I digress.  I made the Kale Dish that my friend made at her house a few weeks back.  Roasted Walnuts added at the end. Soooo good. Do not take my word for it. My co workers tasted the salad and loved it.   Now, i decided to not add the feta cheese although i may stop by the store tonight.  It is filling and great.

Kale with Walnuts

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dj Diet

I got home today a little late. Still watching the Voice.  Live Rounds.   Check out the foods i made in the last few weeks.   More to come.  See pics.   Now the good food is eaten, time to do the dishes.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Dj Diet

Workout: Les Mills Day 1 Warrior Combat Workout.  Back hurt a little this morning but the kicking in this workout is great. 

Refuel: 2 veggie burgers, Chips, Hummus, Salsa and water.  Still a little hungry but hmmmm.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vegan Breakfast

Sorry no pics but i was in a rush this Sunday.  We are on our way to see Iron Man 3.    I  had a vegan egg sandwich. Tofu,Fakin bacon, carrots, lettuce, whole wheat bread, vegan cheese. Hmmmmm. so good.

I need to do some shopping in the next few days.  I am making my transition slow.  But one of my major changes is having a salad for breakfast.  I was shocked when i read about salads and breakfast. Lets be honest, it sounds weird.  I eat eggs, or pancakes or waffles or even oatmeal but not salad.  Well, my logic has changed.  I eat lettuce in the morning and it fills me.  My stomach is happy. Joyous occasion.  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

DJ Diet

 My diet has evolved.   More on the vegan side but not completely.  I attempt to eat less eggs.  Right now, no eggs except when i order out.  Therefore, items made with eggs(noodles and pancakes), then i do not exclude.  Less milk.  Same strategy.   Less butter. Same strategy.  When i became a vegetarian, it took about 5 years to eliminate chicken and about 8 years for a full transformation.   But it is worth it.  I feel better, and my digestion has improved.  My recovery period is less after i exercise.  I want to move into cooking more vegan and vegetarian which is happening slower than i thought.   I will begin my recipes this monday, May 6th, 2013.   

Running towards Ultra

Tomorrow will be the first day of the les mills experience.  Today, i ran about 3 miles in total.  A true improvement.   I have a tight IT band especially on my left side.   I have slowly increased my mileage for the past two weeks.  Lets see how far i can go.  Coming and songs.

Thrift Shop/No Scubs Mashup

Mashups are in and out at the moment.  here is a pretty good moment.  Check it out below:

Yes, A TLC documentary is on its way.   RIP Left eye.   

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gilbere Forte

Wait, Hip hop is about going against the grain again.  Sweet.

Vegetarian/Vegan Meals

My food. My Meals. My consumption.  Yes. I am working my way through recipes on a website an artist friend, Emily Raw recommended to me called MYNEWROOTS.ORG.   I was at her house and she made the best Kale Salad i have ever tasted so i became inquisitive.  I wondered how she made it. I was munching on brussel sprouts her husband made and jamming on a lentil salad that made me want to jump for my love of salad. I was looking for a cookbook and i found a website.

Thus,for the next month, i will get out my utensils and begin to cook.  New Projects section explains this further. A whole food plant based diet is not new for me(i have been a vegetarian for about 5 years now) and this DJ will cook his ass off. Pictures and videos to follow.  I may even take classes. Why not?
 Tonight, i made a Whole Wheat Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and Banana Meal.  Very easy and simple to make. Quicker than a Rachel Ray 30 minute me
al and more nutritious.  

Running For a Cause

If you love to run and/or work towards a better future, check out my friend Sam Day.  See the story below:

Hello friends!

As many of you know, my father lost his battle with Leukemia 10 years ago this June (June 30, 2003 to be exact). Since 2007, I have been running marathons to raise money in his memory and to help advance the Leukemia & Lymphma Society's cause. To date, I have raised over $20,000.00 toward research and finding a cure.
This time I wanted to do something really special, so I decided to run 5 marathons in one year, finishing up with the New York City Marathon in November. I'm setting my goal high and trying to raise $10,000.00 -- $1000 for every year that we've gone without having Dad's big smile in our lives. I'm asking you, my friends, to help me reach this goal. Whether you can give $5 or $500, every contribution helps in a major way. I'm also asking anyone who may work for a company that gives to charity to please consider or inquire about a corporate donation, as reaching $10,000 is going to take a lot of work and help.

The easiest way to donate is at this website: Just click the Donate Now button on the right side of the page, enter some info, and you're all set.

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited this page, and thank you for considering a donation to help remember my father and to advance the cause: finding a cure.

Bryan Dunn runs NYC-Check out the new events.

Really excited about this Thursday's show at Spike Hill with the Humdrums. This band is a blast to play with and (I'm told) a lot of fun to see live. PLUS, Baltimore's legendary the Velvet Velvets (featuring renowned roustabout and raconteur Flanagan Smith) open the show at 8. And it's free! You can't get better than that.
Thursday, May 2
The Humdrums!
Spike Hill
186 Bedford Ave 
Brooklyn, NY 11211
w/the Velvet Velvets (8PM)!
Then, next Tuesday, we'll be doing another set by request of (today's birthday boy) Bucky Hayes at the Way Station, Brooklyn's best (and only) Dr. Who themed bar.
Tuesday, May 7
The Humdrums!
The Way Station
683 Washington Ave 
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Finally, getting back into a set of my own material at the end of the month with my very good friend Taylor Davis, who's visiting from Texas. Plus, this show marks the return of Handsome Jim McNamara, who's been busy with new parent duty as he and his wife Kelli Rae Powell are proud parents of their lovely newborn daughter Donna.
Thursday, May 30
The Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A 
New York, NY 10009
w/Taylor Davis at 9
In other news, I recorded a single recently, and the next thing you know, it got expanded to an EP. Some more news on that later, but look for "Zapgun!", coming to your galaxy later this summer...
Thanks for listening,
Bryan, Ryan, Mark, and Jim "Big Daddy" McNamara


I am participating in this very cool project with artist Emily Raw.   Jump in and have some fun.

On May 1 at 7:30PM we invite all of New York to make a picture with some sky in it for a crowd-sourced quasi-cubist portrait of light throughout the city at a particular moment.