Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vegan Breakfast

Sorry no pics but i was in a rush this Sunday.  We are on our way to see Iron Man 3.    I  had a vegan egg sandwich. Tofu,Fakin bacon, carrots, lettuce, whole wheat bread, vegan cheese. Hmmmmm. so good.

I need to do some shopping in the next few days.  I am making my transition slow.  But one of my major changes is having a salad for breakfast.  I was shocked when i read about salads and breakfast. Lets be honest, it sounds weird.  I eat eggs, or pancakes or waffles or even oatmeal but not salad.  Well, my logic has changed.  I eat lettuce in the morning and it fills me.  My stomach is happy. Joyous occasion.  

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