Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dj Brik Mason Diet: Cleanse

June 7th, 2013.  Today was the first day of the Cleanse.  I spoke to the wife about it but today was the day.  I decided to forgo the purchase of a Juice Cleanse system and follow the DIY versions i found ont the internet.   I posted a few pics on facebook.  The first day was easy.  I did not miss the food. The whole kind of food.  I was excited to try the cleanse and the adrenaline helped me through the night.  The second was a little tough.  My sense of smell heightened.  Everything. From meat to veggies.  But the hardest part was the random tired spells and the thought of just drinking the juice.

June 8th, 2013. Second Day.  Green Juice in the morning.  Woke up early.  But i was not hungry or starving.  The thoughts began to race today but i felt great.  Worked out in the morning.  Went to the post office.  Yelled at a few people-in a good way.   Created a few mixes.

Drink of the day: Lemon, Water, Agave Sweetner, cayenne pepper.  Hmmm. 

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