DJ BRIK MASON is considered one of the most up and coming, party rocking DJ's on the planet. Bringing the joyful journey of his musical mind to the dance floor allows for pulsating enjoyment throughout the night. A master of the moment and beyond, DJ BRIK MASON has made a promise to leave people with a smile as he polishes his sets with everything from Soul to Disco to Dance to Hip Hop. A master of the wheels of steels, this Philadelphia Native has already rocked venues from Boston to Washington DC to Texas, California and Korea. An experienced but always digging in the crates DJ, he has worked with Independent and Major Label Bands such as Maggie Kim and 17RED, Bryan Dunn, Lara Ewen, The Point Six, N.I.Y.M., JFK, and more. While being in the band and touring as both a separate and united entity, DJ BRIK MASON has released several remixes which has allow him to become an all around classic DJ. Trying to emulate and innovate like the DJs he admires(Cosmo Baker, Diplo, Quest love, Rich Medina, Dieselboy, Nigel Richards, Dj Qbert,Mix Master Mike, Funk Master Flex to name a few), he promises to continue to work at being the best DJ at the party. Recently DJ BRIK MASON made his national TV Debut on the Hit TV Show "The Chew."  But it is not just about work. DJ BRIK MASON wants you to enjoy the performance inside and out. Breaking the third wall, he wants the show to be exactly that... A SHOW. Whether motivating the crowd through music and speech or just being passionate about what he is playing at the time, he wants the joy to shine. Whether DJ BRIK MASON spins to 50 or 50,000 people, the passion and love will be the same.